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Currently, every organization on the planet operates in the same exact manner, each within its own specific silo. Each silo has its own way of doing things. Each silo is disconnected from every other silo. But we live in a networked world, where everything is connected. One in which we network within, across and between organizations. So how is it that our real world networks aren’t networked? That’s what we do here at … We consolidate all of a company’s membership, sponsorship and networking activity to a single unified desktop. Our service also helps to increase membership engagement by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancies, and yes, by helping members make money.

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We are basically acting as the mediator between counselors and counselee. The process starts with our team inviting talented and experienced people to give their counseling services. They will keep adding to the panel of counselors. Once a counselee comes and signs up, they will be asked for their basic information. This is required to help us categorize your area of help. The team will then assign the best counselor to the counselee, which will match their required need. You would face no problems in our selection because we allot the most appropriate counselors to the counselee who requires assistance from them. After that, you will converse with your counselor and tell him/her about your current status and the help you need. You can ask as many questions as you want. We won’t expect you to be very formal; you can very easily talk about your concerns, your personal problems e.g. financial, family. Your confidentiality will remain our priority and both counselor and counselee are required to read the terms and conditions before starting with their conversations. You can provide any sort of supporting documents to your counselor by attaching it. If in case you are not satisfied with the help being provided to you, we can assign the next best counselor to you. Our support team will be at your service 24/7, and you can feel free to reach us with any queries or questions.

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Connect Your Community… A powerful, yet unrealized asset possessed by all non-profits is the emotional connection between its business and private supporters. Complete the form below and let us show you how we can Solidify That Connection to the benefit of your organization and those that care about your mission.

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Grow The single greatest way to grow a business is through personal introductions. But the problem with word-of-mouth marketing is you can’t manage what you can’t measure. With , you’ll Know Exactly which organizations and business relationships are helping you grow. Your track record of helping others will also be at your fingertips. But there is one catch. is not social media. is a tool that aids real world networking. In order to gain access to and the dynamic growth that goes with it, you’ll need to be a member of at least one of our partner organizations. Apply to one and get started today!

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Work With The Best… If a company is doing good community service, chances are they are doing great customer service too. Use to connect with Connect With High Quality Companies that are engaged in, and care about your local community. We invite you to enter your zip code to find local organizations and business members connected to the network.

Please note, ’s service area is limited. Check back as more zip codes come online soon!

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Career Guide Pakistan is a free online platform that provides an opportunity to those people who needs guidance in career and future and to those who wants to share their experience and knowledge as counsellors. Come and join CGPK for free and create profile as counsellor or student.

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