Career Guide Pakistan is a platform to link counsellor and counsellee.

Counsellee can be any person, Counsellee, Fresh Graduate or anyone who needs information guidance in planning career, business and future.
Counsellor can be anyone after verification and scrutiny by Web Master. If you have experienced in some area, field, industry and profession and if you have time to pass and share this experience to other peoples we welcome you.

How It Works

We are simply linking counsellee & counsellor for counsellee benefit. As a web master we try our best  to assign a relevant counsellor who should advice counsellee promptly and quickly. It’s totally counsellee responsibility to make decision. We and our counselor just show you direction.

How can I get Advice?

It’s very simple sign-up with us and after your account verification you will be attached with a relevant counsellor. You can ask and discuss your problem with counsellor to get advice from him. Getting advice in simple and quick, better advice depends upon information you provided to counsellee. But remember we provided you relevant information guidance to make decision. You are free 100% to make decision and career choices.Click here to sign up Now..!

Wants to become counsellor?

If you want to become a counsellor you should have more than 10 years of experience in relevant field. You should give daily at least 10 minutes to this portal. You have to share your experience with others so be ready for question from counsellee.If you are ready to do this job, just for helping others and for building better Pakistan we welcome you. Click here to sign up Now…!

Why Plan your Career?

Do you need assistance regarding family counselling?

Do you need help narrowing down your career choices?

Do you want to go abroad?

Do you need guidance for enhancing your business?

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